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Mr. Fujita Kohei 藤田浩平氏

Each team presented a high quality, realistic business plan that can be put into practice. I hope to utilize my experience at this event through my future business career at Santouka. The winning team had a highly feasible plan with in-depth research. The team presented a rental food truck instead of purchased one. This enables us to implement the plan easily and temporarily, which is a huge plus for a small business like Santouka. I thank you for making this event such a fascinating competition, with participants from various backgrounds. Event operation was very smooth, and I was able to focus and enjoy listening to the presentations.



Risa Matsuyama 松山 鈴彩

For undergraduates like me, participating in business competitions provides opportunities to learn about real-world business and apply what we have learned in the classroom. By working with people from different backgrounds at the business challenge, I learned new perspectives. It was such a valuable experience because I rarely get to work with such professionals.


2 months ago

Eriko Nishimoto

NASA International Space Apps ( Space Apps Challenge )Boston、10/1-2 に無事開催しました。この世界最大のハッカソンのボストンイベントは、主宰 NPO Binnovative Boston で毎年開催、9年目になります。
COVID19の影響で、3年前からイベントがバーチャルになったことから、個人的にNYに引っ越した後も主催を行うことが出来、またWashington D.C のJAXA USの小野田所長、MITからジョージアテックに移って現在はアトランタの Christopher E. Carrr 氏もバーチャルでジャッジ、オープニングノートで参加してくれました。
#SpaceAppsChallenge #spaceappsboston #binnovativebos
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2 months ago

Binnovative Boston

Thank you all for participating in ISAC Boston 2022! This year, we had 8 amazing teams pitching creative, innovative projects respectively. We felt strong passions from each one of participants who were willing to make the world better. Special thanks to our judges, Consulate General of Japan in Boston, and sponsors who supported us. We hope you all enjoyed this 2-day journey and look forward to seeing you again at hackathon next year!

#SpaceApps #nasa #virtual #ISAC2022 #binnovativebos #spaceappboston #SpaceAppsChallenge
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