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Looking forward to hearing from you!
With organization, we can help creating impact. Our open innovation event can be organized in person or virtually. Attendee’s location does not matter!
For individual, if you want to be a part of our activities and give impact to US/Japan, come & join us!



for organization

  • Open innovation event organization / オープンイノベーションイベントの主催
  • Lecture, seminar / レクチャーやセミナーの開催
  • Other collaboration / その他のコラボレーション

for indivudual

  • Join Binnovative / Binnovativeのスタッフになりたい!
  • Want to attend event / イベントに参加したい!
  • Volunteer at events / イベントなどでボランティアとして参加したい!
contact us

Please e-mail :
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along with your name, contact info and message for us!