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About NASA ISAC boston

The International Space Apps Challenge (ISAC) is an international mass collaborative hackathon focused on space exploration that takes place over 48-hours in cities around the world. The event embraces collaborative problem solving with a goal of producing relevant open-source solutions to address global needs applicable to both life on Earth and life in space. NASA is leading this global collaboration along with a number of additional government collaborators and 100+ local partner organizations.

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Event Date

When : 10/19 ~ 10/20 (2 days)
Where: Brooklyn Boulders Somerville

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About NASA International Space Apps Challenge in Boston

2019 is the sixth time that NASA ISAC is held in Boston. To participate, you can form your own teams among your friends. Please make sure that all of your team members register and show up at the event. The event provides opportunity for everyone to improve your coding skills, get involved in Boston’s hackathon community, cultivate team collaboration skills, and… to have a blast with your teammates!!

2019 Challenge Theme

Each year the Space Apps Global Organizing team puts forth a series of challenges. Teams of participants at Space Apps locations around the world work together to devise creative and innovative solutions to these challenges.

Space Apps projects don’t have to be apps and you don’t need to be a programmer to participate. Participants will collaborate to build open-source software, hardware, data visualization, and citizen science platform solutions aimed at addressing global challenges. We invite anyone with an interest in Space Apps and its mission to join. Teams need people of diverse skillsets — project managers, designers, artists, educators, writers, and anyone who wants to make a difference and address the challenges posed. You can contribute! In fact, most teams will benefit from having non-programmers working with them.

Browse the 2019 Challenge Categories
18 years or older. If you’re under 18, please get permission from a responsible adult. You must register to participate.
The challenges change each year within the theme of Earth and space. This year’s five categories of NASA SpaceApps 2019 challenges that you will solve! Refer here for more details.
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This year’s five categories of NASA SpaceApps 2019 challenges that you will solve! Refer here for more details. If you want to learn projects from previous year, you can see 2018 global nominees here.
A team of experts from tech and science will take into account creativity, ease of use, level of complexity, use of available space data, and team dynamics.
Web, desktop, mobile, and hardware projects are all welcome.
It’s free!!
Of course, caffeine is also provided!
Teams should be at most 5. Yes – you can solo, or come and make friends!
We encourage you to attend the team forming session on [date]. Otherwise, you can also recruit and form teams before the event begins. Our staffs will assist you find the right team.
You need to be an active participant on both days in order to be eligible for prizes and freebies.

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Space Apps Challenge is organized by all volunteers. We don’t charge fee to attendees, so event is backed by sponsors’ support.
Sponsors contribution will help us reserve a venue, provide meals for participants, and give out prizes at the end.

The event will provide opportunities for the sponsors to advertise, meet talented individuals, and to facilitate technological innovations in the Boston community.

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about the organizer

Binnovative is a non-profit organization which strives to provide opportunities to communities in Japan and Boston to foster their entrepreneurial mindset as well as multicultural perspectives. Binnovative organizes and leads the Boston venue of the ISAC for the fourth time this year.