▪️Japanese follows.  日本での参加者向け日本語の情報は英語の後にあります▪️


The International Space Apps Challenge (ISAC) is an international mass collaboration that takes place in cities around the world. The event embraces collaborative problem solving with a goal of producing relevant open-source solutions to advance space exploration missions and improve life on Earth. NASA is leading this global collaboration along with a number of additional government collaborators and local partner organizations.

Website : ISAC Boston 2018

What is International Team?

During the hackathon, we bring together select participants to form teams comprising of people from Japan and Boston. These international teams are an exciting collaboration opportunity to hone your multi-cultural perspective and entrepreneurial mindset since team-members work collaboratively across the ocean.

Each International Team consists of about 5-8 participants from Japan and Boston (i.e. 3 from Japan, 3 from Boston) from very different cultural, technical and professional backgrounds. The participants from Japan will join you via communication tool such as Google Hangout and Skype.


9/27 (Thursday) 19:00 -20:30:
Event: Information Session
Venue: Cambridge Innovation Center (1 Broadway, Cambridge)

Information session at Boston.
You can learn about NASA ISAC Boston; Boston team and International team.

10/5 (Friday) 19:30-22:00 (EST) for Boston attendees
10/6 (Saturday) 8:30-11:00(JST) for Attendees in Japan
Event: Ideathon
Venue: Cambridge Innovation Center (1 Broadway, Cambridge) for Boston attendees

– Self introduction
– Idea pitch using the PPT file submitted in advance.
– Voting for your favorite idea
– Organizers allocate team members based on their favorites, engineering skill sets, and language skill. (Bilingual skills are not required. Organizers will coordinate balanced team.)
IMPORTANT: If you miss the Ideathon, you will be allocated to a team based on your professional skill set and language skill.

10/6 – 10/19 :
Team meetings as needed

Each team starts communicating and planning for the project. We’ve seen this lead to better team building and better project outcomes. After teams are formed, team member will be invited to a team slak channel. Team communicated on chat and has online meeting 1~2 times before the hackathon.
It will be the beginning of a super exciting cross-cultural experience !!!

10/20 – 10/21:
International Space Apps Challenge!!

Each team works on their project.
IMPORTANT: Because of time difference between the U.S. and Japan, team need to coordinate time to work. Final presentation time in Boston is Monday early morning in Japan, so team might have to consider how to perform presentation.


You don’t have to be a programmer. We form the International Teams based on the core skill sets to make balanced teams. Diverse backgrounds and viewpoints enable innovative outcomes.
You don’t have to be a bilingual. Participants from Japan can communicate in English, and we allocate at least one bilingual to each team for better communication.
Each team is recommended to have at least one web meeting to ensure that all members are on the same page.
The prizes are….to be decided
The winning team will be chosen by judges.
You will be on waitlist and if availability comes up, organizers will allocate you to an existing team based on your core skill sets and language skills.
No. Organizers coordinate all team members based on preference for project idea, core skill sets, and language proficiency.
Each participant in the International Team will pitch their idea to other participants, and vote for their favorite ideas to work on in the hackathon. Organizers help the International Team members form teams during the Ideathon.
No, International Team participation is free.
After teams are formed, team member will be invited to a team slak channel. Team will use Slak to communicate, also video meeting tools such as Google Hangout, skype , Zoom are useful to talk virtually.

Past Participants’ Voice

I enjoyed working with a group of extremely talented individuals with diverse and global perspectives through change during this hackathon. I realized the beauty of collaborating on an international level to create projects from scratch. In addition, as more and more business opportunities will lie outside of Japan in the coming years, it was extremely valuable to experience working with team members from overseas despite language barriers and time differences.
Tomohisa Maruyama, Environment Inc. Founder, President and CEO (Tokyo venue attendee)
Being able to participate in the NASA ISAC as a mixed team brought whole new level of challenges and enjoyment. Working with people from multiple technical backgrounds, skill sets and cultural diversity brought with it new and fascinating solution to a common problem.John Hrovat, Progammer at Meditech (Boston venue attendee)
The whole developing process was so exciting. In the idea generation process, since I was a part of a mixed team of Japan and Boston, I could see many perspectives towards one thing. A lot of arguments and discussions we made during the decision making process were very fun.Anonymous (Boston venue attendee)

日本での参加者へ – For attendees in Japan

※日本からの参加者申込み締切り:9月30日 23:59JST
follow us!! NASA ISAC BOS TYO Twitter page

ISAC(International Space Apps Challenge)は、世界中の都市で開催されている国際的なアプリ/IoTハッカソンです。ISACでは、宇宙探査ミッションの進展、地球での生活をより良いものにするために、関連するオープンソースのデータを使いソリューションを生み出すという目標を掲げ、協働し問題解決に取り組んでいます。NASAは、多くの政府機関の協力者・地域のパートナー組織とともに、このグローバルなコラボレーションを推進しています

NASA ISAC Boston について

ISAC(International Space Apps Challenge)Boston は、2014年からマサチューセッツ州のNon profit団体Binnovative によって毎年主催開催されており、今年で5年目になります。ISAC Bostonでは、ボストンローカルのチームだけをホストするだけでなく、特別なチームをホストします。ボストンからの参加者、東京大学のサテライトからの参加者、そして日本からの参加者によって構成されるインターナショナルチームです。彼らは大陸を越えて協働します。

ISAC Boston Website : ISAC Boston 2018



(インターナショナルチームは、ISAC Bostonへのリモート参加という形になります)

各チームは、非常に多様な文化的、技術的、職業的背景をもった日本とボストンからの約6名(内訳:日本から3名、ボストンから3名)で構成されます。日本からの参加者は、Google HangoutやSkype、Zoomなどのコミュニケーションツールを使用してチームに参加します。


説明会 (ISAC ボストン)
ボストン会場:ケンブリッジ・イノベーション・センター(1 Broadway、Cambridge)
ボストンにおいてNASA ISAC Bostonについて説明会を開催いたします。

インターナショナルチームアイデアソン ※インターナショナルチームのみ
日本会場:都内会場 (近日確定予定)

– 自己紹介
– 事前に提出したパワーポイントを使ったアイデアピッチ
– アイデアピッチを見たあとに、各自が好きなアイディアに投票。
– 主催者側にて、好み、エンジニアリングのスキルセット、言語スキルに基づいてチームメンバーを割り当てます。(バイリンガルである必要は無く、主催者がバランスの取れたチームを調整いたします。)

※10/13(土) 13:30-16:00:日本チーム対象の事前ミーティングを開催予定です。場所は都内会場(近日確定予定)

10/6 – 10/19: 必要に応じてチームミーティング


10/20 – 10/21(2日間)

ボストン会場:CIC Boston (50 Milk Street, Boston, MA 02109)
日本会場:日本時間20日(土)の18:00-23:30、21日(日)の8:00-28:00 など、会場セッティングする予定です。




(3)今年のCHALLENGE CATEGORIESに関連する専門知識をお持ちの方は、(宇宙関係、バイオ関係、ロボティクス関連、など。以下、リンクをご参照ください。)その側面からチーム内でパフォーマンスを発揮していただくことができます。


Arduino / Raspberry Pi / 3D printers / Other

Java / PHP / C# / VB / Ruby / Python / Pearl / Node JS / Other

HTML / CSS / Javascript / Java(applets) / VBscript / Silverlight / Other

iOS / Android / Windows Phone / Other













→ iteam@spaceappsboston.org までお問い合わせください。スタッフがご連絡差し上げます。

About the organizer

Binnovative is a non-profit organization which strives to provide opportunities to communities in Japan and Boston to foster their entrepreneurial mindset as well as multicultural perspectives. Binnovative organizes and leads the Boston venue of the ISAC for the third time this year.

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