Impressed by the professional management and execution of the event


I was fortunate to serve as an advisor during the NASA Space Apps Challenge in Cambridge, MA in the spring of 2014 and 2015. Acquisition of funding and organization of the local venue was carried out by Binnovative providing a unique opportunity for local entrepreneurs and students to collaboratively innovate in areas important to modern space exploration and science. I was impressed by the professional management and execution of the event, which was carried out on an
very short time scale.
Binnovative also took on the added responsibility for the organization and creation of a number of “mix teams” which enabled direct collaboration of participants in Cambridge with participants in Kumamoto and Tokyo, Japan. I was very pleased to see the development of these groups and impressed with their effectiveness. With the increasing importance of international collaboration in space, as well as in earthbound ventures, the participants are certain to have come away with invaluable experience.

また今回、Binnovative がミックスチームを取り入れたことで、ケンブリッジ、熊本、東京、それぞれの会場の参加者が直接、コラボレーションをして作業することができました。他国と共同作業したことは、それぞれのチームにたくさんの良い影響をもたらし、それを見てとても感心いたしました。宇宙における国際的な連携や、地上での投機的事業が求められる今、このイベントに参加できたことは、それぞれにとって非常に貴重な経験になったことでしょう。