Tomoaki Masuda (増田知彰)

Tomo is working in telecom/IT industry as an Internet of Things product manager.
He is also a technology enthusiast besides work, giving talks and participating competitions (e.g. 1st prize of government held AI competition in 2017) and organizing communities (e.g. ex-President of MIT Sloan Data Analytics CLub, helped Fab Lab FACENS launch in Brazil) mainly on Digital Fabrications and Machine Learning field.
He holds a MBA degree from MIT Sloan School of Management, and a Master’s degree of Informatics from Kyoto University.

現業は通信/IT業界でInternet of Thingsのプロダクトマネージャ。
仕事外でもデジタルファブリケーション、機械学習分野に熱心で、より多くの人が学べる仕組みやコミュニティ作りに興味があります。過去MIT Sloan Data Analytics Club主宰、ブラジルでのFab Lab FACENS立上げ支援、各種講演やコンペ等参加(人工知能技術戦略会議主催AIチャレンジコンテスト部門優勝等)などの活動を行なっています。
京都大学情報学修士、MIT Sloan School of Management MBA取得。