Ryusuke Komura (小村隆祐)

Graduated from Doshisha University School of Economics, Babson College FW Graduate School of Business (MBA).After graduating from university, he worked in a Japanese major IT company and was engaged in account management with clients in the media industry and launching cloud services related to video transmission. After studying abroad at Babson, he participated in human resource development / organization development consulting department at GLOBIS corporation. He also developed cases/teaching materials in entrepreneurship field as a faculty member while working on the development of next-generation managers of big companies and organization development of start-ups. After that, incumbent (Program Manager, Venture Cafe Tokyo).

同志社大学経済学部卒業、Babson College F. W. Graduate School of Business(MBA)。大学卒業後はメーカー系IT企業にて主にマスコミ業界におけるアカウント営業業務や映像伝送に関わるクラウド サービスの立ち上げプロジェクト等に従事。MBA留学を経た後、株式会社グロービスにて人材育成・ 組織開発コンサルティング部門に参画。大企業の次世代経営者育成やスタートアップの組織開発等を手掛けつつ、起業分野のコンテンツ・教材開発も行う。その後、現職(Program Manager, Venture Cafe Tokyo)。