AI 及び機械学習イベント@東京を開催しました(Hosted AI and machine learning event in Tokyo)

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(Japanese follows. 日本語は英語の後にあります。)

Hi, Strategy Manager Tomo Masuda here!

On June 21st 2018, Venture Cafe Tokyo held a casual lecture event focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning as part of their Thursday Gathering series at Toranomon Hills.

UNBOX THE BLACKBOX! was a session conducted by Binnovative, that provides answers to the needs of those who may not be experts on AI but wish to accurately capture the boundary between what can and cannot be done by this new tool. The event provided an opportunity to absorb, digest, interact, and deepen the understanding of cutting-edge technology and trends through primary sources that come from global community, all without using buzzwords or exaggerations as is commonly seen in AI literature.

Several years have passed since artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning became hot topics with the media even talking about “singularity” and that ”AI will replace human’s jobs”. What can the new technology really bring to people today, one year, and five years from now? You may have difficulty imagining the big picture as you hear various people’s arguments on different things in the media at different times. At the same time, there is a big barrier in learning the theories and mathematical formulas from scratch on your own. You may have tried to learn hands-on, but only to realize the lack of sources except on typical topics such as handwritten number recognition and image classification.

Though the newly published articles are available through open-source, they do not seem practical due to both technicality and language barrier. Many people get stuck, as the required knowledge is vast from device to cloud. In order to help overcome such problems, this session aimed to provide:
Understanding on what can and cannot be done by the AI/data analysis available today, as of June 2018
Something that the audience can work on from tomorrow for those who wish to jump-start

Registration through Connpass opened up two weeks before the event, and we saw a great turnout with registration of more than 100 people and 80-90 participants at the event (sorry we didn’t have enough chairs for everyone).

At the event, we held the following two sessions, 30 min each;
Masuda, Binnovative: Weak Artificial Intelligence/Data Analysis Overview As of June 2018
Mr.Nakatsuka, Pegara Inc. CTO: Deep Learning 11.5 for IT Engineers

Detailed notes/briefings for the first session is summarized in the post below (Japanese only). Please take a look if you are interested.
Notes for the second session are unfortunately not available for public, but Mr. Nakatsuka will be hosting study sessions “Deep Learning for IT Engineers” again in the coming days ( Please feel free to follow the page!

We had great positive feedback from the participants about the event, including the following:
Participants were able to understand the overview of current AI in a short time
Not only did participants learned the newest research progress on video processing, they were also introduced with data collection methods.
Various demonstrations gave excitement to the audience

We heard the following requests for the next event:
I’d like to know more about application of deep learning on topics besides image recognition
I’d like to know newest trend within academia
I’d like to see the event take a deeper focus on examples of applications in business and competitions such as Kaggle
I’d like to see the event focus on how-to tutorial of tools that let me apply in practice.

We are currently planning the second event (and even after); watch out for notifications from us.

To get introduced to the event, please register in Binnovative’s email list (please send a request to or subscribe to connpass’s group (

Lastly, we would like to send huge thanks to Mr. Nakatsuka from Pegara Inc, who joined us in planning this event, members of Venture Cafe Tokyo, and all of those who showed up!!


Binnovative Strategy Manager 増田です。

2018年6月21日に、Venture Cafe Tokyo – Thursday gathering@虎ノ門ヒルズにて、AI/機械学習に関するカジュアルなレクチャーイベントを開催しました。
Binnovativeでは、今回試験的にUNBOX THE BLACK BOX! というイベントシリーズを立ち上げました。その第1回開催です。

専門家でなくても、新しいものの「できること」と「できないこと」の境界線を冷静に捉え、うまく活用したい。UNBOX THE BLACKBOX! は、そんなニーズに応え、最先端のテクノロジーやトレンドを、バズワードやポジショントーク少なく、国境・言語の壁なく一次情報を取り入れ、かみくだき、さわって理解する場を提供するBinnovative主催のセッションシリーズです。

人工知能(AI)、Deep learningが盛んに取り上げられ、はや数年。「シンギュラリティ」「AIが仕事を奪う」と賑やかだけど、今日、一年後、五年後何がどこまでできるのか、色々な人、メディアで語る時間軸も異なり、今ひとつ全体像を掴みづらい。しかし自分で「理論や数式からを一から学ぶ」のはハードルも高い。ハンズオンで試すも手書き数字認識、画像分類とお決まりのものは多いが、その先となると情報がない。最先端の論文がオープンアクセスとはいえ、技術、英語両面で現実的でない。また、デバイスからクラウドまで求められる知識は広く挫折する。

– 2018年6月の人工知能/ データ分析にできること、できないことを、自分なりに理解する
– 求める人には明日からできることをお持ち帰りいただく

・Binnovative 増田: 2018年6月時点の”弱い”人工知能/データ分析概観
・Pegara Inc. CTO 中塚さん: ITエンジニアのためのDeep Learning 11.5

後半資料については残念ながら非公開ですが、中塚さんの主催される勉強会「ITエンジニアのためのDeepLearning」 が今後も開催予定です!ぜひフォローください。




Binnovativeから配信されるメーリングリストにご登録いただくか( にご連絡ください)、connpassのグループ(をsubscribeいただければ、ご案内いたします。

末筆ながら、今回共にイベントを組み立ててくれたPegara Inc. 中塚さん、
ご協力いただきました、Venture Cafe Tokyoのみなさま、お越し下さったみなさま、誠にありがとうございました。