Team ASTROM3D(ISAC) proceed to refine prototype (Team ASTROM3D[ISAC],プロトタイプ精錬化へ)

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We are proud to announce that “Team ASTROM3D,” selected as one of five 2015 NASA International Space Apps Challenge Global finalists, will partner with Dr. Julielynn Wong, founder of 3D4MD which specializes in 3D printing medical devices in austere environments. The collaborative “3D Astromed Devices” project, headed by Dr. Wong, will aim to prototype the team’s proposed design. Dr. Wong approached the team, after she saw Team ASTROM3D’s project at this year’s International Space Apps Challenge and was impressed by their design proposal.

Team ASTROM3D, which included members from both Boston and Japan, proposed building printable 3D custom medical devices to be used in space as well as on earth. The team presented a range of 3D medical devices, including surgical tools, first aid devices, and instruments used in labor. In addition, the team built a customized orthopedic cast using a 3D scan of a teammate’s arm. After the team was selected as one of five global finalists, Dr. Wong approached the team and invited them to join her “3D Astromed Devices” project.

Team lead of ASTROM3D, Kamal Patel, said the team “wanted to address a need of emergency and customized medical devices in space as well as on the earth. We have seen many supply chain disruptions during natural disasters across the world affecting millions of people. So, this was the right time to build on demand and customized 3D medical devices to solve this issue. With the help of Binnovative, we were able to team up with students from University of Tokyo to work on this challenging task and have successfully built 3D printable devices, which were well acknowledged by NASA who placed us in a global top 5. It was a pleasure and joy to work with Japanese students,  and to know their culture and tremendous work ethic. To take it further, we are in touch with some clinicians and university to test these devices in a clinical facility and make them go through some rigorous testing.”

About 2015 NASA International Space Apps Challenge (ISAC):

The International Space Apps Challenge is an international mass collaboration focused on space exploration that takes place over 48-hours in cities around the world.

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About Dr.Julielynn Wong:

Dr. Julielynn Wong is a  Harvard-educated, award-winning physician, innovator, and communicator. She founded 3D4MD, a company which specializes in pioneering 3D printing medical devices in austere environments. She served as one of the judges at the 2015 Toronto NASA ISAC.



NASA International Space Apps Challenge (ISAC)のグローバルファイナリストに選ばれたTeam ASTROM3D (Boston-Tokyo mix team)が、Dr. Julielynn Wongと共に、彼らが提案したデザインのプロダクトをより精密なプロトタイプにするプロジェクトに参加することになりました。Dr.Wongは今年のInternational Space Apps Challengeのチャレンジ、“3D Astromed Devices” を提案、これに対しTeam ASTROM3Dから提出されたアイデアを高く評価しプロトタイプを一緒に精錬化しないかとチームに提案し、チームがこれに応じたものです。 Team ASTROM3Dは今回のNASA ISACで、宇宙で利用できる様々な3D医療器具を考案。手術用器具、救命キット、3Dプリンターで成形したキャスト、妊娠時に利用できるツール等を提案しました。

ASTROM3DのチームリーダーKamal Patel からは、本件について下記のようにコメントしています。


自然災害などの際、サプライチェーンが途切れて物資が滞る状況を我々はたくさん目にしてきました。この問題を解決するためには、3Dプリンターを使って、個々のニーズにカスタマイズできる医療器具が必要だと感じたのです。今回の大会に出場し、Binnovative のサポートも得たお陰で、東京大学の生徒達とこの問題を解決することができ、グローバルファイナリストに残ることができました。また、彼らと共に作業することで、日本の文化と彼らの勤勉さに触れることができ、とても貴重で有意義な時間を過ごすことができました。現在、アイデアをさらに形にするべく、クリニシャンや大学と連携しながら、我々が提案した医療器具を臨床施設でテストするため、準備を進めています。”

NASA International Space Apps Challenge (ISAC)について:

NASA International Space App Challenge(ISAC)は世界130か所以上で同時開催されるハッカソンです。このグローバルクロスコラボレーションイベントで、参加者は、二日間、27時間をかけてNASAが呈示する課題を解決しました。

Dr. Julielynn Wongについて:

Dr. Julielynn Wongはハーバードのフィジシャン、イノベーター、コミュニケーターで、今年のNASA ISAC Toronto ではジャッジを務めました。NASA ISACは毎年、チャレンジをコミュニティーメンバーの各分野のスペシャリストから募集しており、”3D AstroMed Devices” Challenge は彼女によって提案されたものです。



Kamal Patel (Boston), Arthur Choe (Boston), Harsha Kalidindi (Boston), Raewyn Duvall (Boston)

Hiroya Matsubara (Kashiwa, Japan), Shinnosuke Wanaka (Kashiwa, Japan)