Harnessing Japan’s Potential / 日本の可能性 (by Dana)

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6/12/2015 By Dana Fager

(Japanese follows. 和訳は英語の後にあります。)

What can international exchange foster? You may think of cultural understanding or linguistic proficiency. But the opportunities are vast. What about technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit?

Japan currently exhibits a comparatively low level of entrepreneurial activity. But Binnovative’s founders, Japanese citizens active in the Greater Boston area, experience daily the never-give-up attitudes, the whirlwind innovation, and the courageous entrepreneurial spirit of technological geniuses and difference makers who call Boston home. How can these Japanese citizens living in Boston share such an exciting world with Japanese citizens living in Japan?

Binnovative fills the gap: It is a platform for sharing ideas and collaborating on cross-cultural projects. Binnovative utilizes online communication tools to allow Japanese citizens who are open to unique, non-traditional paths to meet experienced, successful innovators from the Boston area. Japanese people who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation can seek advice from the Boston experts. And entrepreneurial folks in Japan seeking like-minded global citizens can turn to Binnovative for an active, inspirational community.

An important goal of Binnovative is to raise awareness and instill in Japanese youth an curiosity for innovation and entrepreneurship. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing young people light up with enthusiasm as they develop a business plan or create a product or service that bridges cultures and has a positive social impact. Through events led by Binnovative, members and participants gain valuable skills necessary for success in today’s global, hands-on workplaces. Through the experiences provided to its members and event participants, Binnovative endeavors to bring about a brighter future not only for the nation of Japan, but also for the world.



その手段の一つが、Binnovativeです。Binnovativeは、異文化間でのアイデアの共有、更には異文化間での共同プロジェクトの促進などをそのミッションとして掲げています。例えば、インターネットを使い、新たな挑戦を求める日本人と、ボストンで活躍するプロフェッショナルを繋ぐなどの活動をしています。その中で、 常に主体的に活動する刺激的なコミュニティーを探している人は、Binnovativeの運営チーム自体に参加することもできます。