Binnovative organized International Space Apps Challenge Boston 2015 (ISAC2015ボストンを主催しました)

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Binnovative organizes the NASA International Space Apps Challenge (ISAC) in Boston for the second time — Boston-Japan mixed teams shine again!

The hackathon, commissioned by NASA to seek participation from people around the world, is held in 130 locations. Over 12,500 people participated this year. In this global mass-collaborative event, participants spend 27 continuous hours solving NASA’s problem statements a.k.a challenges for the year. This year’s challenges fell into four themes – Earth, Outer Space, Humans, and Robotics. The exploration of space is, by necessity, a unified international effort – and diversity of experiences and perspectives inevitably produce a better product.

Binnovative, which brought this event to Boston last year, has been organizing it in accordance with its mission of bringing together Japanese and Boston communities in a spirit of collaboration. The Boston venue participants include students and professionals from both Boston and Japan forming ‘mixed teams’ – teams including members from both locations.

The NASA International Space Apps Challenge (ISAC) 2015 took place on Saturday, April 11th and Sunday, the 12th, lasting 27 hours. More than 60 participants at the Boston event gathered at hack/reduce early in the morning on Saturday. They were joined by students, academics, and professionals from Tokyo, Tokyo University, and Kumamoto via Google Hangouts. Seventeen teams were formed, including eight mixed teams. The event was officially kicked off by Consul General Himeno from the Consulate-General of Japan in Boston preceded by speeches from two event sponsors – IBM and Polar Beverages.

The environment at hack/reduce was one of fervent energy with everyone working on their projects vigorously throughout the day and only emerging for a break when it was time for food. Some participants opted to take naps after working all night long, but many worked non-stop without sleep!

Projects were due by Sunday at noon — participants gave all the energy they had left to finish their submissions. Thirteen teams including all eight mixed teams successfully submitted their projects on time. These projects included hardware, software, data analysis, and design. After presentations and project demonstrations, the judges convened to decide the winners. In the meantime, the participants voted for the ‘People’s Choice Award’.

The high quality of submissions meant the judges had a hard time deciding the winners. Mixed teams, with both Japanese and Boston team members, won 1st and 2nd place in the Boston location as well as the ‘People’s Choice’ and ‘Best use of IBM Bluemix’ local awards – a testament to the power of cross-cultural collaboration. The closing ceremony finished just after 3 o’clock on Sunday — 30 hours after hacking started!

Top teams from each location have been nominated for global judging, the winners of which will be invited by NASA to witness the next space launch.

Binnovative,NASA International Space Apps Challenge (ISAC) Bostonを2度目の主催ーミックスチームがローカルアワード全3冠取得!

NASA International Space App Challenge(ISAC)は世界130か所以上で同時開催されるハッカソンです。今年は、合計12,500以上の人が参加しました。このグローバルクロスコラボレーションイベントで、参加者は、土日の二日間、27時間をかけてNASAが呈示する課題を解決しました。今年のチャレンジは、Earth, Outer Space, Humans, Roboticsのテーマの中で、25以上のチャレンジが呈示されました。

Binnovativeが主催するBostonローカルイベント(ISAC Boston)は、4/11/2015-4/12/2015の二日間、hack/reduce(ケンブリッジ)で行われ、60名が参加、17チームを構成しました。



プロジェクトは完成度、創造性、実用性、プレゼンテーションの有効性などによって審査員に評価され、上位2チームがNASAグローバル審査に進みます。さらに、参加者の人気投票によって1チームがPeople’s Choice Award に選ばれます。13チームともに完成度の高い作品が揃っており、レベルの高い争いとなりました。

結果、ISAC Boston優勝、準優勝、People’s Choice賞(またスポンサーのIBM様が選考するIBM特別賞)ともにボストン・日本ミックスチームが受賞し、今年もコラボレーションの有効性を証明しました。

NASAは、宇宙の課題を解決するためには、世界中の様々な知識や経験の人々が協力する必要があると考えているために、International Space App Challenge(ISAC)を通じて世界中の人たちがコラボレーションして協力しあえる機会を与えています。Binnovativeのコラボレーションの考え方はまさにNASAが提唱する問題解決の方法と合致していると言えるので、レベルの高い結果が得られるのは当然のことかもしれません。



  • IBM
  • hack/reduce
  • Polar
  • E 55, Inc.
  • ID America
  • Toyota
  • Cafe Mami/Ittyo
  • Quantly
  • Santouka
  • Amnet


  • Consulate-General of Japan in Boston (在ボストン日本国総領事館)
  • JetBrains
  • Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo (東京大学新領域創成科学研究科)

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