Mission Statement

Binnovative empowers communities in Japan and Boston to foster entrepreneurial mindsets and multicultural perspectives through cross-cultural collaborative projects.

About Binnovative

Binnovative’s founder, Eriko Nishimoto, moved to Boston where she discovered Massachusetts’ world-class entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Japan has an underdeveloped entrepreneurship culture. On the other hand, Boston has a rich entrepreneurship culture to offer; Bostonians love multi-cultural experiences. Binnovative addresses social issues related to entrepreneurship and multicultural understanding in Japan and Boston by organizing business/technology themed events involving communities in both Boston and Japan. Binnovative sources projects from companies, universities, and government bodies and mentors participants to collaboratively solve them.

Binnovative was officially registered as a Massachusetts non-profit corporation in December 2014. Binnovative Boston is the Boston chapter of Binnovative, started in April, 2014.
Building on the original goals of Binnovative, this local chapter adds the element of cross-cultural exchange. Binnovative Boston’s project focuses on collaborations between communities across Japan and the innovation community in Massachusetts, taking advantage of the diversity in the Northeast United States. Japan has a very technology-centric and detail-oriented culture while Boston (US) has a very dynamic and free culture. Binnovative Boston recognizes that combining the resources of these two ecosystems fosters even greater innovation.

Eriko attended “The Japan-Boston Joint Entrepreneurship Forum” which is held at the MIT Media Lab in September 2013 with the vision of solving “How Boston Can Play a Critical Role in Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Japan”, she decided to start Binnovative.. The concept of Binnovative was formed as a result of that forum.