Cool Japan: Lessons of cross-cultural business exchange / クールジャパン:異文化間での経済交流における道標 (By Jessy)

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7/22/2015  By Jessy LeClair


This summer, I had the opportunity to speak with a spokesperson at the Cool Japan Fund. Talking to her, I felt excited about the potential of Binnovative to support the efforts of companies like the Cool Japan Fund.

While overseas investment by Japan has reached record highs, businesses still face numerous challenges when expanding into overseas markets. The spokesperson provided insight from the Japanese perspective into two major challenges faced by Japanese companies: first, lack of financial support and second, lack of an overseas base. To help overcome the challenge of funding, the Japanese government created the Cool Japan Fund to invest in companies and support an explosion of Japanese goods and services worldwide.

However, Japanese companies must still overcome difficulties associated with lacking an overseas base for launching businesses. Specifically, Japanese companies lack sufficient information, know how, and understanding of consumers in that locale. I believe that challenge can be perfectly met by the people of Binnovative, who include multicultural students and professionals from diverse backgrounds in IT, government, and academia.

Binnovative aims to promote entrepreneurship and collaboration, especially through supporting cross-cultural partnerships between Boston and Japan. We can help prepare people with the entrepreneurial skills and multicultural mindsets required to meet the needs of Japanese businesses and to help them overcome their lack of an overseas base. We can provide diversity of perspectives, as well as local expertise. Our staff, members, and event participants can gain the experience to engage with Japanese businesses interested in launching overseas.

Together, as Japanese companies reach abroad, Binnovative is reaching back!

(To learn more about Cool Japan Fund, please visit their website